The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System:
"SEVIS" has been in use since August 2003. Universities across the country
have used SEVIS to allow international students to register on-line, this allows
the government to know whether the students reported to the institution they
had applied to study at, whether they were attending classes, and whether they
were taking approved curriculum.

Formerly, many students would apply for foreign exchange programs only to
arrive in the US and not show up at school. With SEVIS, it is easier to track a
student because each one is registered at his/her respective institution. This
allows law enforcement to pursue the unaccounted for students.

Students must be sure to take classes so long as they hold a student visa,
otherwise their status will be affected.

It is quite simple for a student to come to the U.S. in order to study abroad.  
However, if a student is presently in the U.S. and wishes to transfer schools, it is
more difficult. First, the school must be accredited in order for the student to be
able to transfer there. Second, the school must have a curriculum that the
government is willing to authorize. Third, initial standards must be met, i.e.
student has met requirements to be accepted into transfer school, etc.

In addition, the foreign student must also pay special attention.  After the
implementation of SEVIS, the government has strengthened its monitoring.
Illegal behavior, such as concurrent jobs outside of school, are strictly
prohibited, and can lead to immediate dismissal.

Four months before the student graduates, he/she must inform the foreign
student coordinator of the school.

After classes end, many graduates hope to remain in the U.S. However, only a
short term stay after graduation is allowed. In order to remain legally in the U.S.
foreign students may only remain 60 days after the end of school.

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